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Have you ever heard an expression “Jack of all trades, master of none”? When browsing the web you’ll surely come across of many agencies offering all-round solutions to your online efforts, including SEO. Well… we are not one of them! We strongly believe that you can only achieve true mastery in just one area. With this philosophy in mind we have started our agency to offer best SEO/SEM services online. We only do one thing, but we’re certain we do it good!

Our Method

Introduce Yourself

First things first. At the very beginning of our process we would like to sit down with you and have a small chat – meet your business, understand your goals, what is your long-term vision and budget.

Keyword Research

Next step is surely one of the most important ones. After gaining knowledge about your brand we will conduct a comprehensive keyword research accordingly to your business. We will create a list of keywords that in our opinion we should focus on in order to achieve the best results.

Visibility and Competition Analysis

After determining the keywords important to your business we will perform a thorough analysis of the market and your website’s visibility in SERP.  This will help us to understand where you currently stand and how we can improve. We also take a closer look at your direct competitors to see how they position their websites for certain keywords or phrases. 

Comprehensive Website Analysis

Now when we know where your business resides in SERPs and how your competitors are doing, we are ready to move to your website directly and start our work there. First step at this stage involves a comprehensive audit of your website. We will check it current technical state, search for errors and have an overall look on things that should be improved. 

Content modification and Website Optimization

Also know as On-page SEO. After all the analysis and audit’s are done we are ready to start implementing changes to your website. We will fix all the technical aspects and optimize your websites speed accordingly to Google PageSpeed Insights guidelines. Then we will start modifying the content of your website to achieve the best results on the desired keywords. 

Advanced Link Building

Also know as Off-page SEO. Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO and when done right it will boost your website’s ranking massively. We will conduct a details link building strategy that will ensure the growth of organic traffic hitting your website. 

Results Monitoring

Now after all the changes have been implemented we simply have to wait for the results to come. We use the tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics and more to efficiently analyze and monitor the traffic driving to your website. We then act accordingly to implement further changes to even more improve your results.

Why Rank1?

We are a SEO agency with years of experience in the field of Search Engines Rankings. We’ve helped many businesses to rank higher and we can help you too!

Our Virtues
Cost Transparency

Before we’ll conduct any work we will sit down with you and discuss your budget in detailed manner. We will put all the effort to use every single penny efficiently and you will only have to pay what you must. 

No hidden costs or bad surprises. We promise!  

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